The Boy Who Couldn't Fly

Jack didn’t inherit any superpowers from his world-renowned superhero mom and he is not happy about it. Obsessed with obtaining the powers that he feels have been wrongly denied him, Jack tries and fails at every turn to become a superhero. On top of that, it’s been foretold by Aunt Mags aka the Oracle that Jack is supposed to save the world, which he has no idea how to do without superpowers.

Meanwhile, he’s tormented by “V,” a self-professed nemesis, and also a mere mortal, who has aspirations of world domination with the help of super-villains and giant robots and an all-powerful weapon designed to eliminate any and all superheroes. The survival of humanity hinges on whether Jack can get his sh*t together before V ends the world.

Maybe Jack can pull it off with an assist from his peeps, including: his sister (the sibling who actually inherited superpowers); the Japanese exchange student turned JumboPanda (a 175-feet tall hybrid of panda and dolphin); a former hate-sex buddy he met at work; and his ex-high-school-sweetheart who may hold the key to everything (or not).

The Boy Who Couldn’t Fly is a superhero story that’s not a superhero story, the dichotomy of which will subvert your expectation of the genre. Available in paperback and Kindle. Read a sample by clicking on "preview" below.