World war girl soldier

It's the height of World War II and Captain Linc Takelnaught is assigned to take over a special operations team tasked with rooting out German covert agents within the U.S. Army. The key member of his team is an 18-year-old girl, Salty Jackdaw, whose skills are so far beyond normal human abilities that there is a perception about her bordering on the mystical. There are rumors of her being the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. Others question who or what she really is.

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Linc doesn't believe the hype. But the longer he spends time with Salty, the more impressed he becomes. He's conflicted over trying to reconcile her dedication and skillset with her seemingly sociopathic, violent tendencies, which is in direct contradiction to her moments of shyness, empathy, and tenderness. Things get complicated when Linc develops feelings for her that a commanding officer shouldn't be developing for someone under his command.

Linc presses those in the know for information about Salty but no one's talking. Linc just can't let it go and his obsession consumes him to where he not only jeopardizes the team's mission, but also puts at risk the lives of the team members, including Salty and himself, all the while trying to root out a dangerous enemy within their own ranks.

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