It's All In The Story: California

It’s All In The Story is an anthology of short stories, the connective tissue of which, is California. 

Included among the collection is Casey’s short story about a young couple, in 1852, trying to jumpstart their life by getting in on the riches of the Gold Rush. Ultimately though, they are overwhelmed with the greed and violence and decide to extricate themselves from the miasma. But as the couple, along with their newborn baby girl, head east through the Sierra Nevadas to what they believe will be a comparatively safe and sedate life as homesteaders, they are met head-on by a threat more menacing than what they thought they left behind.

Overall, the anthology has twenty-plus stories, which cover the vastness and history of California. These stories are packed with entertainment and presented in quick-read morsels that will have you flipping the pages for more. Available here.