Here’s FugitiveJuice Media’s ethos: To create high-quality entertainment with artistic merit and in defiance of convention while providing something instructive about humanity.

Pretentious? Maybe.

But we mean it and it’s ultimately in the service of our smart, well-read, customers who demand best efforts when it comes to their entertainment needs.

FugitiveJuice Media’s resident workhorse as artiste, auteur, and author is Casey Pope (please see cute photo — note: in the interest of full disclosure, he is actually not currently a baby).

Casey’s work has been described by some as "sufficiently weird," "disturbing," "darkly humorous.” In fact, one person in particular has said that Casey's stories tend to spear and reveal the soft human underbelly (it is assumed that this person was speaking metaphorically). But to be fair, others have deemed Casey's writing to be funny, romantic, and heartfelt.

The novels he writes are categorized as upmarket of a variety/mashup of genres, including fantasy, sci-fi, speculative, historical, and romance. Casey also provides all artwork and design for FugitiveJuice Media, including the website, book covers, and merchandise. And he writes the blog articles too. (Maybe it should just be called CaseyPope Media. But then it wouldn’t be as memorable)