A Love Life Like Karmic Disaster

Victor is a genius who can do most anything he puts his mind to, and what he puts his mind to is to win the love of Francine. But she dies. She was only 24, suicide.

He had known her since 7th grade but she only loved him as a friend, yet this never stopped Victor from trying, and he's not about to stop just because she's dead.

Unfortunately, she died horribly, so in addition to stealing her body, Victor needs to procure replacement organs and appendages, and of course, he has to figure out a way to make a miracle happen, i.e., resurrection.

Even if successful, will Francine finally love Victor, or will she be freaked out from having been dead, or just plain P.O.'d about being resurrected against her will? Oh, and there are cops hot on Victor's heels re: the missing body and trail of mayhem he leaves in his wake to accomplish his goal. 

A Love Life Like Karmic Disaster is a contemporary love story inspired by Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein aka The Modern Prometheus. Available in paperback and Kindle. Want to read a sample? Click on "preview" below.